Davide Maule

Italians Davide & Katia, partners both in work and in life, united their passion for art and precious stones giving birth, in 2013, to a unique jewel collection under the DK – DUST KREATIONS brand, an evocative name as a tribute to nature and its shapes.
As of 2015, two years later from the debut in the international goldsmith scene, the DK brand logo is joined by its designer’s name, DAVIDE MAULE, to strenghten its identity.
Davide, experienced gemologist,  designer and Master goldsmith, is the artist and the creative hand, with his twenty years of professional craftmanship in the town of Valenza Po, working for such names as Bulgari and other international jewel brands.
Katia is on his side with her travels around the world, searching for original and rare gems, her eyes gazing at new ideas to build new sculptures to wear.
Art is not technology, it is not made with computers but with hands and tools.

Tired to create and see always the same jewels the market is imposing as standard, bored to hear and read the words “artisan” and “handmade” to assembly line, same-looking products, I decide to tear myself away from all of this and to voluntarily retire from the technological bullying that made the jewel market so flat, in a historical moment where 3D printers and prototipation take the place of the true artisan goldsmith.

After twenty years of real craftmanship spent designing and creating jewels at someone else’s dependencies, I felt like I maturated my own specific artistic persona, and I grew this idea to bring back the jewel to its true essence of small and precious form of art. The true artisanal product can be seen, heard, and talks to you with its warmth and tiny imperfections that only the human hand can give. This is the sense of everything, this is my humble intent: to transmit my knowledge and passion. I’m not searching for the great public, but a niche of listeners and art passionates which are incline and sensitive to the message I want to convey with my jewels. Davide Maule

“Sculpture jewels, creations that are not following trends and times but express my nonconformist personality, perfectly melting with the feminine touch and estetic taste of Katia, my precious muse. Gold is to me as matter to model as crete: i think and create my jewels to be works of art that seem to be grown into nature itself, my inexaustible source of inspiration. I adore playing with precious matters reproducing faithfully and precisely rough surfaces to resemble now to the cortex of a tree, now to a rocky wall, now the lava of a volcano chilling into natural cultures.
A perennial ferment of new ideas explodes into a stylistic uncompromised sperimentation.
I want to ravish the eyes of my public weaving gold around rare gems in a fascinating game of volumes.
This way unconventional, strong jewels are built, thought and dedicated to the woman that loves to be distinguished and loves to be seduced by this enchantment of shapes, being as unique as the jewel she will wear. Davide Maule

Every model of the collection is a unique one. All the phases of the project of each single jewel, from the drawing to the finished product are executed and made from the artist itself. Each jewel is numbered and accompanied by an elegant packaging and from a Official Warranty Certificate attesting its technical characteristics along to the caliber of the precious metals and the gems. Jewels fromthe collection DK – DAVIDE MAULE are sold and distributed worldwide thru a selected network of dealers.