“I’m an independent Art Jewelry creator, I create exclusively handmade unique pieces or limited edition. Welcome to my world “Davide Maule

Welcome to the world of Davide Maule, Master Goldsmith of profession, sculptor and painter by avocation; a universe made of creativity, flair and imagination.
Through his ideal artistic path, you will experience an imaginary journey through the center of nature to the bottom of a pearl and coral sea, to the top of a volcano where gold is carved like lava, or the shore of a lake of water like diamonds, up to the tropics with the warm and bright colors of the gemstones.
The artist offers sculpted jewelry, created exclusively by hand, by means of special processing technique, unique pieces made with attention to the smallest details and finished with great craftsmanship, where the details live in material and chromatic combinations that give birth to a unique and unmistakeable style. Every jewel of the collection is the exclusive work of the artist who personally takes care of all stages of manufacture starting from the initial design to the finished piece; this makes all D.K. DAVIDE MAULE jewelry unique works appreciated and sought after by international customers.